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Man robs bank wearing Mitt Romney mask


A man in a Mitt Romney mask robbed a Wells Fargo bank in Virginia. It's the same bank that was held up two years ago by a robber posing as Hillary Clinton.


NBC News4

A man in Virginia has found a clever use for leftover 2012 Election paraphernalia - he donned a Mitt Romney mask to rob a bank. 

Security cameras captured images of a man wearing what appears to be a mask depicting the former Republican presidential candidate while robbing a Wells Fargo bank in Sterling, Va, reports NBC News. 

NBC News4's Pat Collins reports that the robber didn't go the usual 'grab-and-go' route. The robber, also wearing a Florida State sweatshirt, walked into the bank wielding a gun. He went from teller to teller taking money from each one until he grabbed cash from all five windows. He left only the cash in the drive through window untouched. 

According to the Huffington Post, it's the same bank that was hit by another political stick up two years ago by a robber in a Hillary Clinton mask. 

Police reportedly questioned employees at a Party City store behind the bank to see if anyone bought a Mitt Romney mask there recently.

Apparently, the Romney masks were on sale. 

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