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Doctors pluck feather from baby's neck


Mya Whittington and her feather.

Doctors have plucked a two-inch feather out of a baby’s neck, ABC News reported.

Seven-month-old Mya Whittington had been crying and pulling at the skin below her ear for months, the Associated Press reported.

Her young parents thought she was teething or had an ear infection, but it turns out the source of her pain – and the golf ball-sized lump near her jaw – was caused by a feather that she had swallowed or inhaled.

"They pulled a feather out of my child," Mya's father, Aaron Whittington of Hutchinson, Kansas, was quoted by CBS News as saying.

"How crazy is that?"

Mya's parents took her to hospital last weekend after they noticed the swelling in her neck. Doctors, believing she had a staph infection of her lymph nodes, attempted to drain what looked like a pimple.

A few hours later a "string or stick" started emerging from the spot and doctors pulled out the feather.

According to Aaron, doctors believe the feather got stuck in Mya’s throat and her body then ejected the “foreign body through her neck,” CBS News reported.


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