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Botched circumcision kills baby; Nurse found guilty of manslaughter


A regional court in Germany has ruled that the religious circumcision of boys is an assault on their physical integrity.


Muhannad Fala'ah

A jury in Britain found a nurse guilty of manslaughter today for performing a botched circumcision,  the Independent reported. Four-week-old baby Goodluck Caubergs died in 2010, one day after nurse Grace Adeleye performed the surgery without anesthetic, using only a pair of scissors, forceps and olive oil, attorneys said.

When Goodluck's parents changed his nappy several hours after the circumcision, they found large amounts of blood and called Adeleye, BBC News reported

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She only told them to redress the wound. When it still didn't heal, Goodluck's parents called an ambulance the next morning. He died a short time later in the hospital, the BBC said. 

A jury of eight women and four men found Adeleye guilty of manslaughter after deliberating for eight hours,  the Press Association reported.