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Jon Stewart reveals he almost quit 'The Daily Show'


Jon Stewart speaks onstage at the First Annual Comedy Awards at Hammerstein Ballroom on March 26, 2011 in New York City.


Dimitrios Kambouris

Comedian Jon Stewart has admitted he almost quit "The Daily Show."

The Comedy Central host made the comments at a fundraiser in New Jersey on Friday for the Montclair Film Festival, the Huffington Post reported.

“What I did not realize is, a lot of the people who worked there were assholes,” Stewart said.

According to Third Beat Magazine, Stewart admitted in an on-stage interview with Stephen Colbert that he was unhappy when he took over "The Daily Show" from Craig Kilborn in 1999.

Colbert asked “How close were you to saying that was it, you weren’t going to do it anymore?

“I had to be talked down from a moderately high cliff,” Stewart replied.

Part of the problem, Stewart said was that he had "inherited" staff from Kilborn, Third Beat reported.

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At the Montclair event, Colbert explained his relationship with Stewart was rocky at first and has evolved over the years.

“I tried to be like Jon Stewart,” Colbert explained. “And by trying to be him, I found myself.”

Asked who was the worst guest on the show, Stewart replied, Hugh Grant, the Huffington Post said.

“And we’ve had dictators on the show," Stewart joked. Stewart said Grant was difficult and promised never to come back.