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W.Va senator wants MTV to can new reality show 'Buckwild'


MTV's new reality show "Buckwild" centers around a group of 20-somethings living in and around the small town of Sissonville, W. Va. The show premiers January 3, 2013.


MTV "Buckwild"

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III is not happy about MTV's portrayal of his home state in their new reality show 'Buckwild'.

He is asking MTV to cancel their new 'Jersey Shore'-type reality show, calling it a "travesty" and saying it portrays “ugly, inaccurate stereotypes” about Appalachia.

"I am repulsed at this business venture," the Democratic senator wrote to MTV network president Stephen Friedman in a letter last Friday. "You preyed on young people, coaxed them into displaying shameful behavior and now you are profiting from it."

'Buckwild' is the newest attempt at recapturing the success of their fist-pumping, tanned and slick haired stars of mega-hit 'Jersey Shore'. The show premieres January 3 and centers around a group of 20-somethings living in and around the small town of Sissonville, W. Va.

“West Virginia is a place founded on freedom,” one of the cast members says in the preview. “For me and my friends, that means the freedom to do whatever the f*ck we want.”

The Washington Post reports that Sen. Manchin has not actually seen the show yet, only the previews, but he was not happy about the "wild" behavior shown in the clips.

He told TODAY's Matt Lauer on Monday that the swearing, partying and binge drinking is not the norm in the Mountain State.

"The viewers must understand this is not reality, this is not real West Virginia," he said. "They come in here and coerce these students or these young people, they pay them money, promise them fame and fortune, they had four and five takes until they got it outrageous enough to show it. Now, that's not reality."

MTV defended its new show to Entertainment Weekly “It’s not like looking at a train wreck,” Executive Producer John Stevens of Zoo Productions told EW.

“That’s not what it is. That’s the part I’m really excited about. There is a certain coolness to it. It’s different than a lot of the stuff that has been produced. I think it’s going to get people talking and it might change people’s perspectives. These kids are totally wild and carefree. It will be very refreshing to the MTV audience.”

Watch the trailer for "Buckwild":

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