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Syrian rebels aim weapons with Playstation controller




What's more hip than a D.I.Y. wardrobe or a D.I.Y. bike repair co-op? A D.I.Y. tank, complete with machine gun, targeted at troops fighting on behalf of your autocratic president.

Rebels in Syria have built an armored car and call it the Sham II, Foreign Policy reported. It's reportedly built on a car chassis and can be operated with a Playstation controller. 

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From far away it looks like a rusty metal box, but it is actually a homemade armored vehicle that took a month to build, the AFP reported. The vehicle is equipped with cameras and guns. The designer is Mahmud Abud from the Al-Ansar rebel brigade.

"This is my brother, a trained engineer, who got the idea. We got a car, left its diesel motor on the chassis and built the engine," Abud told the AFP.

RT News uploaded a YouTube video of the vehicle in action: