Second Powerball jackpot winner named


The richest Powerball jackpot ever, and the second-largest top prize in US lottery history, has been won.

A 37-year-old father has been revealed as the second winner of the $587.5 million Powerball jackpot.

Matthew Good, 37, who lives in the affluent Phoenix suburb of Fountain Hills, had chosen to stay anonymous after his Nov. 28 windfall but the Associated Press reported it filed a public records request to find out the winner's identity.

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Good, who took the one-time payout of $192 million, grew up on a working-class block in Pennsylvania and was a hard worker, his stepmother, Charlotte Good, said in an interview with the AP.

His mother died of cancer at a young age and Charlotte helped raise him from age 5. 

"My husband, he just can't get over it," said Charlotte Good, 63, a retired state Revenue Department employee. 

He told his father "they're out of sight and they would contact him," she said.

The other winner of the massive jackpot was Mark Hill, 52, a father-of-four from Dearborn, Missouri who came forward immediately to announce his life was about to drastically change. 

The Daily Mail reported lottery officials said that Good had bought $10 worth of tickets for the record Powerball draw. 

Good told them he loves his job and has no immediate plans to quit his profession, believed to be in the electronics industry.

Married with a five-year-old daughter, he wanted to remain anonymous following his win. 

He said previously in a statement: "It is difficult to express just how thankful we are for this wonderful gift. We are extremely grateful and feel fortunate to now have an increased ability to support our charities and causes. Obviously, this has been incredibly overwhelming and we have always cherished our privacy."