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Monkey in shearling coat detained in Toronto Ikea store (VIDEO)


A monkey in a mini shearling coat was found wandering an Ikea store in Toronto on Sunday. It was quickly detained by animal services and taken from its owners.


Bronwyn Page

A lost monkey in a miniature shearling coat was detained after wandering the corridors of an Ikea store in Toronto on Sunday.

The animal was reportedly running loose in the customer pick-up area for an hour while onlookers snapped photos of what may be the classiest monkey ever seen.

He was also wearing diapers.

Animal experts who arrived on the scene identified the monkey as a rhesus macaque, more typical of South Asia than southern Ontario.

The Globe and Mail reported that the monkey somehow escaped his crate and the car where his owners left him while shopping.

The monkey ran loose in the parking lot for awhile, and witnesses say it cried out but did not seem distressed, reported CBC News.

It made its way inside the store where it was chased by security staff until it was cornered and picked up by Toronto Animal Services. The monkey has been taken away by authorities and will not be returned to the owner.

Keeping monkeys is illegal in Toronto and the owners of the sharply-dressed macaque face a fine of $240. Charges were also laid.

The monkey now has its own parody Twitter account that you can follow here.

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