Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti Resigns, Silvio Berlusconi to Run Again


Italy's Prime Minister Mario Monti gestures at the World Policy Conference in Cannes December 8, 2012. The World Policy Conference is devoted to the issue of global governance in all its aspects and takes place from December 7 to 10. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard (FRANCE - Tags: POLITICS)



There's a new change in the Italian government. Prime Minister Mario Monti, who took office in November 2011, announced this weekend he would resign, after Silvio Berlusconi's center-right party said it could no longer support Monti's government.

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Berlusconi also said he would run for a fifth term as prime minister.

Reporter Megan Williams, in Rome, said most Italians, while no fans of Berlusconi, have had a hard time with Monti's government's austerity measures and higher taxes.