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Stephen Colbert wants to fill Jim DeMint's empty Senate seat (VIDEO)


Stephen Colbert speaks during the 'Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear' on the National Mall on October 30, 2010 in Washington, DC.


Kris Connor

Stephen Colbert's blurring of politics and entertainment is getting even blurrier. 

The comedian and star of 'The Colbert Report' is asking his viewers to tweet South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley saying why he should be appointed to the Senate to replace the outgoing Senator Jim DeMint. 

"I know when I look at the US Senate, I say to myself, 'You know what they could use? Another white guy,'" Colbert said on his show Thursday. 

Tea Party leader DeMint made the surprising announcement on Thursday that he was leaving the Senate to head the influential Heritage Foundation. 

His replacement will be selected by Gov. Haley and will face a special election in 2014. The replacement must be a resident of South Carolina and Colbert fits the bill. 

The comedian and his wife Evelyn, are both from Charleston, S.C. and ABC News reports that they may own a guest house there under his wife's name. 

“Let’s see, you want somebody young, somebody conservative, somebody from South Carolina, maybe somebody who had a super PAC … Wait a second,” he said, pointing at himself. 

Last year, Colbert announced faux run for President of the United States of South Carolina, and when that failed, he launched his own Super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, that raised more than $1 million, reports the New York Daily News. 

Colbert's fans have been getting in on the action. A new Twitter account -- @ColbertforSC -- was launched Thursday morning almost as soon as DeMint announced his resignation, reports USA Today. 

The Twitter account links to a Draft Colbert for US Senate website, that is not affiliated with the Comedy Central host.

The tweets don't seem to be having any affect on the South Carolina Governor, however. Gov. Haley said in a Facebook post:  “Appointing a new member of the U.S. Senate is a solemn duty, and I take this responsibility with utmost seriousness."

Colbert himself seems half serious about the Senate run. 

Here he is on The Colbert Report:

“Stephen is honored by the groundswell of support from the Palmetto State and looks forward to [South Carolina] Gov. Haley’s call,” Colbert spokesperson Carrie Byalick told ABC News.

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