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Julia Gillard, Australia's Prime Minister, jokes about the end of the world (VIDEO)


> on January 10, 2012 in Gatton, Australia. January 10 marks the one year anniversary of the inland tsunami that devestated southern Queensland's Lockyer valley killing 23 people.


Chris Hyde

Julia Gillard, Australia's Prime Minister, has announced the end of the world. 

But don't worry, she's just kidding.

Gillard, in perfect deadpan that recalls Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds" broadcast, warns that the Mayans were right, after all, NPR reported

"'The end of the world is coming. It wasn't Y2K, it wasn't even the carbon price," she said in the 50-second video ad for Australia's Triple J breakfast show. "Whether the final blow comes from flesh-eating zombies, demonic hell-beasts or the total triumph of K-Pop, if you know one thing about me, it is this: I will always fight for you to the very end." 

When contacted by the Australian about the ad, the prime minister's office responded: "What Australian doesn't mind a laugh from time to time? Anyway, the world's going to end tomorrow, so shouldn't you be writing about that?" 

The "tomorrow" reference comes from science writer Dr. Karl Kruszeinicki, who theorized that the apocalypse will actually arrive two weeks earlier than Dec. 21, the Daily Mail reported

Gotta love a leader with a sense of humor. Ha...ha...? 

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