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Pizza Hut perfume debuts in Canada


A box of pizza is shown on March 31, 2010 during the Pizza & Pasta expo, part of the "Foods & goods" fair at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris.



Do you have a man who is disinterested in sex, but likes eating pizza? Get him in the mood to sit near you while he eats pizza with pizza-scented perfume. 

Pizza Hut joked last August on its Canadian Facebook page about bottling the smell of pizza. But what was meant to be a sick joke turned into a disgusting reality after a thousand or so people responded that they liked the idea, Marketing Magazine reported. So marketing agency Grip Limited worked with Pizza Hut to design the perfume. One hundred fans will soon receive a limited edition of Pizza Hut perfume in the mail. 

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It smells of dough and seasoning. 

Pizza Hut's marketing director is trying to warn the public though that this perfume shouldn't be taken too seriously. “All we’re trying to do is have some fun with our consumers,” marketing director Beverly D’Cruz told the Toronto Star. “Pizza is an extremely fun category and we’re trying to be relevant and have a conversation with consumers so that they are engaged.”

Sure, it sounds funny now, but in the future when every human is obese, all procreation rituals will be determined by which potential mate promises to give away free pizza.