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LA firehouse in trouble for sexy burlesque video shoot


Firefighters from Ladder 1, Engine 7 head out on a call from the firehouse in 2002 in New York City as part of an authorised CBS documentary '9/11' by French filmmakers Gedeon and Jules Naudet.

A Los Angeles firehouse is in trouble again after allowing a sexy burlesque video to be filmed at their station. 

AP reported the video, which was shot at a Venice fire station, included scantily clad women dancing seductively with the poles.

It was part of an advertisement promoting a workout program for an exercise company, Hoopnotica. 

The incident follows last year's scandal when a porn movie was shot at the firestation.

NBC Los Angeles  reported at the time that several firefighters allegedly allowed porn producers to use their fire engines in two adult movies.

In this latest video, called "Firehouse Burlesque Hula Hooping", a woman in short shorts and red high heels dances around a pole with a hula hoop in the Venice Fire Station 63.

NBC said that there appears to be a blurred firefighter wearing a fire department baseball cap and blue shirt jokingly dancing with the Hula Hoop.

It was not known whether it was an actor or a firefighter.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Jaime Moore said an internal investigation was under way.

Hoopnotica spokeswoman, Lauren Brand, said she was sorry for the problems it had created for the firefighters as the women were "just having fun with local heroes". 

Firefighters at the station declined to comment.