Prisoners in North Carolina allege sadistic acts by guards


Inmates in a North Carolina prison say that guards made them rub hot sauce on their genitals and kiss wild snakes.



Inmates in a North Carolina prison allege that guards forced them to rub hot sauce on their genitalia, among other sadistic requests.

State officials are investigating prison staff at the Sampson Correctional Institution after six inmates wrote a letter to the Greensboro District Court claiming mistreatment.

“Upon review of an internal investigation, the Division of Adult Correction has referred the inmate allegations to the State Bureau of Investigation for their review and any subsequent actions they deem appropriate," N.C. Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Pamela Walker said, according to the Associated Press.

“Division of Adult Correction considers the allegations to be serious and the alleged actions in violation of policy, which warrants further review by management.”

The inmates claim that guards forced them to strip nude and pretend to have sex with each other.

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The guards are also accused of making the prisoners rub "Exotic Hot Sauce" on their testicles, said the Charlotte Observer.

During road cleaning the inmates allege in their letter that they were forced to kiss wild snakes and capture bunnies only to throw them toward oncoming traffic to be killed.

Guards were said to reward those who carried out the tasks with alcohol and cigarettes.

The investigation at the 500-person medium security prison is being kept confidential.