Louisiana town evacuates after explosives found


Christy Sibley (R) and daughter Rosheka stand in their trailer May 5, 2009 in Fluker, Louisiana. The highly impoverished rural town has very few jobs and no mayor. The recession has hit many Americans hard, but the rural Lower Mississippi Delta region has had some of the nation's worst poverty for decades.


Mario Tama

Doyline, a town in Louisiana, has been forced to evacuate after 6 million pounds of explosives were found, WAFB reported. Was someone trying to bomb Doyline? No actually, a company called Explo Systems just didn't bother to store their millions of pounds of explosive material properly. At least the company is staying true to its name! 

"That's a lot of product, a lot of dangers in there, there are a lot of worst case scenarios, we need to work through those safely," Louisiana State Police Colonel Michael Edmondson told WAFB. Schools are expected to be closed on Monday and Tuesday. 

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The discovery of an improperly stored stockpile of M6 artillery propellant was found in the 800-inhabitant town of Doyline by state police on Saturday, BBC News reported. What's more, Explo Systems was actually already the subject of a criminal investigation after a blast occurred at the company's sites in October. Smooth.

State police worked hard today to remove the millions of pounds of explosives stored haphazardly in warehouses, the Associated Press reported.