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20th anniversary of the text message is today


A new study has found that texting teens have worse grammar skills.


Jay Directo

Sup. RU there? Its the 20th anniversary of the txt mssge. 

British engineer Neil Papworth was 22 when he sent the first ever text from his computer to a friend's mobile phone, ABC reported. And what did the first text say? "Merry Christmas." It was a simpler, more wholesome time in 1992.

"Text messaging has gone on to even bigger and better things now," Papworth told Sky News. That's true. We now have mass texts, text death threats and sexts.

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But the true inventor of the text message is actually Matti Makkonen, a former Finnish civil servant, BBC News reported. He thought of the idea of a mobile phone messaging service back in 1984.

He usually shies away from media attention, but granted an interview about his invention to the BBC. The interview naturally took place via SMS.