Jim Krumm, Casper College instructor, killed by son with hunting bow


Police stand outside Casper College in Wyoming on Friday, Nov. 30, 2012, after an attack on computer science instructor Jim Krumm. Police said Krumm's son, Chris, shot and killed his father with a hunting bow and knife.



Jim Krumm, the Casper College instructor killed by his son on Friday, fought back to allow roughly six students in his class to escape, police said.

Details emerging about Friday’s attack portray Krumm the hero after his 25-year-old son, Chris, burst into the classroom and shot his father in the head with a compound bow.

After students tried to help the wounded, 56-year-old computer science instructor, he instead fought his son so students could flee, NBC News said.

“The courage demonstrated by professor Krumm is absolutely without equal,” police Chief Chris Walsh said.

Chris Krumm then fatally stabbed his father with a large hunting knife while also cutting or stabbing himself, NBC said.

Police said Chris Krumm was still alive when they arrived, but died soon after of his injuries.

The harrowing incident began a few minutes earlier when Chris Krumm stabbed his father’s live-in girlfriend, Heidi Arnold.

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Arnold died of stab wounds outside her home about two miles from the campus, The Associated Press reported.

Chris Krumm lived in Vernon, Connecticut, and might have been estranged from his father, The Star-Tribune in Casper reported.

He arrived in Wyoming’s second-largest city on Thursday and checked himself into a motel, the paper reported.

Arnold and Jim Krumm both taught at Casper College.

Jim Krumm grew up in England and Germany before studying at University of Wyoming and Colorado State University.

His personal photo album on the Casper College computer science website shows numerous family photos.

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