Congo plane crash kills 20

A cargo plane crashed at Congo's Brazzaville airport as it was coming into land on Friday, killing 20.

The plane, registered with local Aero-services company, was flying in from Pointe Noire, according to Agence France-Presse. The crew of three or four people are also thought to have died in the ensuing fire.

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An official in the Republic of Congo's Air Force said the cargo plane belonged to Trans Air Congo and was transporting merchandise, reported the Associated Press. Police blocked off the airport after the crash.

Witnesses said rain was coming down hard at the time of the accident, according to news site G1. The plane appeared to be unable to brake and ran off the runway, destroying around 15 houses and a bar before hitting a ravine and catching on fire. Firefighters continued to search for victims two hours after the crash.

Africa has one of the worst air safety records in the world, note the AP. In June, a Boeing 727 cargo plane in Ghana slammed into a bus while attempting to land, killing all 10 people inside. A commercial jetliner crashed in Lagos, Nigeria, only days later, killing 153 people.