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Obama: Don't want a tax hike? You better tweet it!


President Obama has urged supporters of Bush-era tax-cut extensions for the middle class to voice their opinion through social media outlets like Twitter.


Dan Kitwood

President Barack Obama is pushing his "fiscal cliff" plan with a famililar campaigning strategy: social media.

The White House launched a new Twitter hashtag Wednesday in an effort to encourage Americans to express their support for Obama's plan to extend the George W. Bush-era tax cuts, which are set to expire at the end of the year, for middle-class Americans.

The hashtag, #My2K, represents the $2,200 in taxes that Americans will save if Obama's plan is passed by Congress, according to the White House.

"I'm asking Americans all across the country to make your voice heard. Tell members of Congress what a $2,000 tax hike would mean to you. Call your members of Congress. Write them an email, post it on their Facebook walls. You can tweet it using the hashtag #My2k," Obama said at a press conference Wednesday.

As part of a new debt-reduction deal, Obama is proposing that Congress end the Bush-era tax cuts for those making over $250,000, while extending it for Americans who make less than that amount.

Obama's hashtag was trending on Twitter in the U.S. after his speech with both supporters and critics using the hashtag to express their thoughts on how his tax plan would impact them.

The White House has also set up a MY2K section on its website where it asks Americans to write to them and share how a $2,000 tax hike would impact their lives.

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