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Man creates his own Noah's Ark to save himself from apocalypse


A man in China constructed his own Noah's Ark using his life savings in preparation for the apocalypse.



A Chinese man has built his own Noah's Ark in preparation for doomsday.

Lu Zhenghai, of Xinjiang in northwest China, spent $160,000 constructing a boat that will save him from the upcoming Mayan apocalypse in a few weeks.

“I’m afraid that when the end of the world comes in 2012, flood waters will destroy my house, so I took my life savings and invested in the construction of this boat,"  he said, according to RT.

He may be crazy but at least he is generous with his recent investment.

"When the time comes everyone can take refuge in it," he added, according to the Daily Mail.

It is unlikely that very many people would fit on the mostly unseaworthy vessel.

The boat is about 65ft. across and 80 tons - 10 tons of timber and 60 tons of steel.

He began building it in 2010 after reading reports about the Mayan apocalypse.

Although, many think he's gone mad, we'll see who has the last laugh on December 21.