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Bangladesh factory owner didn't know he needed emergency exits


Citizens and firefighters fight to extinguish a fire in the Tazreen Fashion plant in Savar, Bangladesh on Nov. 25, 2012.



The owner of a Bangladesh clothing factory where a fire killed 120 people says that he was never told that the facility needed an emergency exit, according to reports.

His comments show how "far removed" the nation's garment industry is from knowledge of worker safety issues, the Associated Press reported.

"It was my fault. But nobody told me that there was no emergency exit, which could be made accessible from outside," factory owner Delwar Hossain told The Daily Star.

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"Nobody even advised me to install one like that, apart from the existing ones." He added later: "I could have done it. But nobody ever suggested that I do it."

At least 120 workers died in the factory fire on Saturday night. Bangladesh is home to about 4,000 factories, many of which make products for major retailers. The factories are known for having little regard for worker safety.

On Wednesday, police in Bangladesh arrested three mid-level managers at Tazreen Fashions, the company that owns the factory, in connection with the fire. The company makes clothes for Wal-Mart, Sears, Disney and Sean Comb's ENYCE brand, among others.