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Starbucks $7 coffee unveiled: Geisha variety made in Costa Rica (VIDEO)


A large cup of Starbucks' most expensive coffee to date, Costa Rica Finca Palmilera, will cost you $7. A bag, pictured above, goes for $40.



Starbucks has unveiled its most expensive coffee yet — a rare Costa Rican blend that will cost you up to $7 a cup.

Made from a rare, heirloom, hard-to-grow coffee varietal called "Geisha," the "Costa Rica Finca Palmilera" costs $40 for a half-pound bag, $6 for a tall cup and $7 for a grande, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported.

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For now, it's only available in 48 stores, half of them in Seattle, according to The Daily Mail.

But Starbucks says it plans to offer the premium Geisha blend nationwide as early as next year.

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The real question may be, will anyone buy it?

If coffee nerds are any indication, plenty.

Java aficionados are loving it, according to the Post-Intelligencer, and an online Starbucks offering of the blend this month sold out in just 24 hours.

Jimmy Kimmel even got in on the craze, pranking people on his late-night show with a fake taste test. Watch it below: