Father killed his children in car fire but saved himself


More than six years after two children burned to death in an SUV in Los Angeles, their father has pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder.


Roberto Gonzalez

A father was sentenced to life Tuesday after pleading guilty to setting his SUV on fire and killing his two children.

The Los Angeles Time reported Dae Kwon Yun, 61, had intended to also take his own life in the arson but jumped out in time to save himself.

The murder in downtown Los Angeles in April 2006 came a week after his wife of 13 years filed for divorce. He was also in debt due to a gambling addiction.

AP reported Yun's 10-year-old son, Alexander, and daughter, Ashley, 11, were killed. 

The court was told he picked up his children for lunch and a movie, then drove to an industrial area where he put gasoline-soaked rags around his vehicle. 

A witness testified that he saw Yun shouting at his daughter because she did not want to get in the vehicle. He grabbed her and shoved her into the back seat of his car before setting it ablaze.

A firefighter told the court there was evidence that Ashley was trying to open the back door to escape.

Her father suffered burns to his legs and face.