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Belgian man finds out his wife is a man after 19 years


Police are investigating the accident and will prepare a report for the coroner.


Joe Raedle

In what can only be described as an extreme case of mistaken identity, a Belgian man wants his marriage annulled after finding out his wife of 19 years used to be a man.

The man, identified only as "Jan," married his wife Monica in 1993, The Telegraph reported.

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He told the Het Nieuwsblad newspaper that they decided against children, since he already had two from a previous marriage, and that his wife tricked him into thinking she menstruated by using sanitary towels "to conceal the truth."

"Even during sex, I never noticed anything," Jan said.

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He discovered the truth after rumors began circulating that Monica had once been a man.

"I pushed her against the wall and said, 'Now I know the truth. Are you a man?' She then announced that she was born as a boy and that she had been operated on. ... My world collapsed," Jan told Het Nieuwsblad.

Currently undergoing psychiatric treatment, Jan has started legal proceedings to have the marriage annulled, The Daily Mail reported.