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Medical marijuana given to 7-year-old to combat chemotherapy effects


Mykayla Comstock, whose mother gives her a gram of cannabis oil per day for leukemia, is one of youngest medical marijuana patients in Oregon.


David McNew

A 7-year-old girl with leukemia has become one of the youngest users of medical marijuana.

The Oregonian first reported about Mykayla Comstock whose mother gives her a gram of cannabis oil in a tablet per day to deal with the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Her mother also bakes the marijuana into her favorite sweets like gingerbread or brownies.

"First you get hungry," Mykayla told the newspaper.

"Then you get really funny, and then you get tired."

Mykayla's mother credits the plant for helping her daughter's cancer go into remission.

"As a mother, I am going to try anything before she can potentially fall on the other side," said Erin Purchase, 25, according to the Associated Press.

Purchase gives her daughter the cannabis with the help of her boyfriend.

The Oregonian said that the young girl is one of 2,201 cancer patients authorized to use medical marijuana in the state.