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The Sound of Crisis? Poland, Portugal can't 'afford' Eurovision


Malta's Kurt Calleja performs during a dress rehearsal for the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision 2012 song contest in the Azerbaijan's capital Baku, on May 23, 2012.



OK, Europe's crisis is real. Poland and Portugal can't even afford to compete in Eurovision.

The two nations have quit the song contest because they "cannot afford" entry fees, reported SKY News, a move that reveals the extent of Europe's economic troubles. 

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As the UK's Comedy Central put it

"If, like, us you don’t really understand politics, economics and all that boring nonsense, it’s hard to get your head round such high concepts as EU bailouts, debt deficits and the credit crunch. On Sunday though, a piece of news broke that finally made us understand just how devastating the economic crisis can be: Portugal are in such financial dire straits, they’ve pulled out of the Eurovision Song Contest." 

The two nations -- neither of which have ever won Eurovision -- have said they will not participate in next May's competition being hosted by Sweden, said SKY

It will be only the fourth time Portugal has missed the contest in its 48-year history, said Britain's Daily Star. The debt-strapped country's economy continues to struggle despite getting a massive EU bailout last year. 

As for Poland, it will be the second year in a row it will miss the event, having pulled out last year due to the financial burden of co-hosting the European Football Championships, said SKY