Italian train crash kills 6, including Romanian farm workers (VIDEO)


Italian firefighters work at the site where a train collided with a van full of Romanian workers in Rossano on November 24, 2012. Six Romanian workers who were involved in the seasonal picking of clementines were killed when the train struck their car at a crossing.



Five Romanian farm workers and the landowner that employed them died on Saturday in Italy when a train collided with their van.

Italian emergency officials said the crash happened in southern Italy’s Calabria region near Rossano, Reuters reported.

None of the roughly 12 passengers aboard the smaller, regional train was injured by the crash, The Associated Press said.

The crash happened as the van waited for safety barriers to be lifted manually.

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The farm workers were hired to pick clementine oranges.

Italy's ANSA media reported the track crossing was located on private land, and that the safety barrier was locked.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing, ANSA reported.

The news agency said on Saturday that two workers survived the crash.

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