China lands jet on carrier for the first time (VIDEO)


China's first aircraft carrier, a former Soviet carrier called the Varyag, docked after its handover to the People's Liberation Army (PLA) navy in Dalian, northeast China's Liaoning province on Sept. 24, 2012.



China's state TV showed a video of a jet fighter for the first time successfully landing on its Liaoning aircraft carrier.

Xinhua News, China's official news agency, wrote Sunday:

"China has successfully conducted flight landing on its first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning. After its delivery to the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy on Sept. 25, the aircraft carrier has undergone a series of sailing and technological tests, including the flight of the carrier-borne J-15."

Al Jazeera quoted vice director of China's military Naval Affairs Research Institute, Zhang Junshe, who told state television on Sunday: "The successful landing... has always been seen as a symbol of the operating combat capability for an aircraft carrier."

Junshe added, "This is a landmark event for China's aircraft carrier... and [moves it] one step closer to combat readiness."

The landing comes as tensions over maritime territorial disputes continue between China, Japan and a number of other Asian nations.

The BBC, speaking to analysts, wrote: "The aircraft carrier will allow Beijing to help project its military might in territorial disputes."

It's important to note Liaoning, China's only aircraft carrier, is an old Soviet ship bought from Ukraine in 1998. China has since refurbished it.

Here's the video of the jet fighter landing: