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White tiger mauls three people at Czech zoo


White tigers are the result of both parents having a recessive gene for white colouration. They are rare in the wild because they stand out in the jungle, making it harder for them to catch their prey.



A white tiger escaped from its enclosure at a Czech zoo and mauled three employees.

AP reported  the attack happened on Thursday at a zoo in the nothern city of Liberec, and left three keepers in hospital.

One man was hospitalized with head injuries and his condition is stable, while two female employees suffered minor injuries and were also taken to hospital. 

Zoo spokesman Ivan Langr said the zoo's employees were shocked by the attack. Investigations into how it happened are continuing.

The tiger named Paris was tranquilized. 

The Daily Mail reported earlier this year that three white tigers were born at the Liberac Zoo in July. 

White Bengal tigers are extremely rare. The newspaper said in the past century only 12 have been spotted in the wild. They do not survive long in the wild as they struggle to catch prey because they stand out.