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London: naked man straddles Duke of Cambridge statue, motive unclear (VIDEO)


The Tower of London's locks were changed after a thief stole the keys to the building that houses the Crown Jewels.


Streeter Lecka

A naked man perched on a statue of the Duke of Cambridge in London's main government area of Whitehall for several hours today, according to police and witnesses cited by the Associated Press

Authorities had to temporarily shut down the area after complaints were issued about the man's appearance there. 

A Scotland Yard spokesman told AP authorities spent quite a while "trying to get him down" without hurting him. 

He reportedly took up various poses on the statue, "at times balancing precariously on the Duke's head," according to London's Evening Standard

The reason for the stunt was not entirely clear, but part of it was captured in the following video run on The Huffington Post