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Cow emissions may be reduced by new submarine device (VIDEO)


Scientists in Australia created a device that allows them to track the gas output in livestock, a major contributor to climate change.


John Macdougall

Scientists in Australia say they have invented a device that may help curb cow "emissions" which have been singled out as a contributor to global warming.

Cow farts and burps are some of the leading causes for the release of methane into the environment. 

BBC reported that one cow releases up to 400 liters of methane, a substance 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

Researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) developed an electronic device that measures the amount of methane in a cow's stomach.

The device is swallowed by the cow and is linked wirelessly to computers that help predict how much gas they pass.

The New Scientist said that the device may help track particularly gassy animals and help to breed them out of the stock.

The device may also help to manage the animals' feed, reducing their gas output.