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Russia: St. Petersburg court throws out homosexuality suit against Madonna


Madonna angered anti-gay activists in Russia by passing out pink armbands at an August 9th concert in St. Petersburg. The singer is being sued for $10.5 million for promoting homosexuality to minors.


Ian Gavan

Madonna has been been backed by a Russian court against anti-gay activists who demanded $10.7 million in damages from the singer after she allegedly expressed support for St. Petersburg's gay community.

A group of nine activists "pro-homophobia" activists — as Russia Today called them — said Madonna had traumatized minors with the "propaganda of perversion" by advocating gay rights during her MDNA tour, the Associated Press reported

They also claimed her comments during the Aug. 9 concert in St. Petersburg would negatively affect Russia's birth rate and threaten the future of the Russian military by depriving it of soldiers.

Russia Today reported that the group filed a complaint in August saying that because of Madonna, "boys and girls will indulge in lechery more and this will lead to the loss of the country’s defense capacity."

Among their concerns were that audience members were given pink bracelets, supposedly for security purposes but really to support equality, and that many at the concert had rainbow flags.

The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that Madonna did show support for the local gay community during the concert, waving LGBT flags on stage. During one of the songs, Madonna showed the words "No Fear" scrawled on her bare back.

The plaintiffs demanded "moral damages" and promising to use the money to "protect" city residents from homosexuality and pedophilia.

The AP wrote, the initial hearing into the matter bordered on the farcical, with the judge at one point threatening to expel journalists from the courtroom if they laughed too much.

In dismissing the case and ordering the suitors to pay the concert organizers' legal expenses, the judge pointed out that tickets for the concert featured an "18+" sign. 

A summons to appear in court was delivered to Madonna's New York residence, though she did not attend the hearing this week.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Aug. 9 concert was held just a few months after the city’s controversial regulation that bans "propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism, and pedophilia to minors."