The Israel-Gaza conflict through the lens (PHOTOS)


Palestinians take photographs of destruction after Israeli air strikes in Gaza City on November 19, 2012. Israeli air strikes on Sunday killed 31 Palestinians in the bloodiest day so far of its air campaign on the Gaza Strip, as diplomatic efforts to broker a truce intensified.



The ongoing conflict between Gaza and Israel started on November 14, when the Israeli Defense Forces took out a car in an airstrike, killing senior military leader of Hamas Ahmed Jabari.

It played out not only on the ground and in the air, but in videos, tweets, pictures and propaganda.


The IDF used social media to cover the conflict, posting videos of their airstrikes as well as the names of the militants killed. They posted this video of the airstrike that took out Jabari:

Hamas launched rockets from Gaza marking the first time in over two decades that Tel Aviv l had heard sirens, while Israel pounded the Gaza Strip with airstrikes. One of the most chilling images from the conflict came on the second day, when an airstrike killed a BBC journalist's 10-month-old baby in Gaza. The Associated Press took this image of Jihad Misharawi with his son.

Hamas also took to social media to plead its cause, and was caught posting some pictures from the Syrian conflict of injured and dead children.

The air raid sirens sounded in Tel Aviv, as Israeli photographer Ron Shoshani documented in this video, posted on his Facebook.

Some 150 medium-range rockets were launched by Israel into the Gaza Strip on November 15 and 16, as this video from the Guardian shows:

Each side of the conflict shared pictures of wounded children to show the world its grief.



CNN was interviewing two civilians, residents of Gaza and Israel respectively, when the interview was interrupted by explosions in Gaza.

GlobalPost's Noga Tarnopolsky posted this picture of a peace protest in Israel:



David Sheen, a filmmaker in Jaffa, captured a Tel Aviv peace protest on Thursday night, as well as a counter protest.

There were also anti-Israel protests around the world, including this one in front of the White House:

The death toll mounted in Gaza as the international community urged a ceasefire. One Israeli airstrike hit a home, killing nine members of the Al Dalu family and two of their neighbors. The dead included four young children and five women.


GlobalPost's Erin Cunningham, reporting from Gaza, attended the funeral of some of the family members:

There were several funerals at the Sheikh Radwan cemetery near Jabaliya. Hundreds of mourners were there, waving Hamas flags and crying out "Allahu akhbar", or God is great. Celebratory gunfire, and also a nearby airstrike that reverberated across the cemetery. It was very close and a loud grey plume of smoke rose up several blocks away. Two rockets from Gaza were fired that we could see from the cemetery, and mourners cried out "Allahu Akhbar."

Palestinians in the West Bank clashed with Israeli police as they protested the airstrikes in Gaza.

GlobalPost's Noga Tarnopolsky reported from Israel:

It's a day without sirens in Tel Aviv. The city's life continues uninterrupted with all businesses open and restaurants and cafes full. Scratch just beneath the surface, however, and you find a nervousness decidedly unTel Avivi.


Israeli airstrikes hit the media center in Gaza a second day in a row, as the IDF claimed that Hamas' militants were taking refuge there.

CNN's Anderson Cooper was reporting from Gaza when the broadcast was interrupted by a loud explosion nearby:

GlobalPost's Erin Cunningham took this picture in Gaza, of a site where two men were killed in an airstrike:

Img 4458

Monday was the deadliest day in Gaza, with an estimated 34 people killed. The death toll by then had reached 100 in the Gaza Strip.

"Israelis take cover in a large concrete pipe used as a bomb shelter during a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip."

Israel airstrikes gaza rockets day six nov 19 2012 11

"Palestinians carry the bodies of children from the al-Dallu family during a funeral procession in Gaza City."

Israel airstrikes gaza rockets day six nov 19 2012 17

The latest reports bring conflicting news about whether Hamas has agreed to an Egypt-brokered ceasefire with Israel. A Hamas official says an agreement has been made, which both Israel and Egypt deny.

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