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A 'devastated' Paula Broadwell moves home with her husband and children


A complaint by a friend of the Petraeus family, Jill Kelley, that she was receiving harassing emails would eventually lead FBI investigators to correspondence between David Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell, that revealed they had had an affair. This picture shows them together in July 2011.



David Petraeus's mistress and biographer, Paula Broadwell, has told friends she is devastated by the repercussions of her affair with the CIA director.

A friend told AP on Sunday night that Broadwell regrets the damage it has caused her family and that of Petraeus, who resigned following the revelations more than a week ago.

The author is determined to repair the damage and move forward, the friend said. 

On Sunday night, Broadwell's husband, Scott, appeared to be standing strong with his wife, as the family moved back into their home after Broadwell had spent a week holed up in her brother's house in Washington, DC. 

WSOC-TV captured Broadwell returning to her Charlotte, North Carolina home, welcomed by neighbors. 

Broadwell, whose face was hidden by large, dark sunglasses, and her husband each carried one of their sons in their arms, and neither showed any emotion. 

Asked for a comment, she remained silent and non-reactive.

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Scott Broadwell indicated to a cameraman the family would have a statement "sometime soon."

Broadwell is still under investigation by the FBI in relation to classified documents found on her home laptop, which investigators believe the author may have obtained while researching her biography of Petraeus. 

Meanwhile, Petraeus has hired a top Washington lawyer, Robert Barnett, known for negotiating book deals for President Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, ABC News reported.