Over 100 people killed in Syria over the last day, report says


Syrian rebel fighters stand guard at a check point in Aleppo's northern Izaa quarter, on November 3, 2012.



The Local Coordination Committees in Syria  estimated over 100 people were killed in the war-torn country over the last day.

The LCC estimates 130 people were killed as of Thursday evening, while the Guardian said 107 people had been killed.

According to the Guardian, the causalities come amid heavy fighting in and around Damascus, Aleppo and Idlib.

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Reuters reported the fighting between forces allied with President Bashar al-Assad and opposition rebels has killed well over 32,000 people since the conflict began.

In the northern Syrian town of Atareb, Reuters said daily air raids have devastated about half of all buildings.

"My son believes he's doing the right thing. I love him so I accept that," an unnamed woman, whose son is fighting with pro-Assad forces, told Reuters.

"Everyone in the town thinks my son is working abroad, and I keep it that way. In a situation like this, people feel it's 'with us or against us'. I personally am with no one, I am against the whole thing. It's killing our children."