Mayor Bloomberg: New York gas rationing working, may continue


People wait in line to fill containers with fuel at a Shell gas station October 30, 2012 in Edison, New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy which hit New York and New Jersey left much of Bergen County flooded and without power. AFP PHOTO/Brendan SMIALOWSKI



NEW YORK -- While the rest of the world may have recovered from Hurricane Sandy, the New York region is still coping with its aftermath.

CBS News reported Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the city's odd-even gas rationing plan is "working" and it is unclear when the "restrictions will be removed" due to area shortages.

A system to distribute gasoline started on Friday in Manhattan and hard-hit Long Island after Hurricane Sandy left the area's gas stations without power and many could not reopen, CBS wrote.

The New York Times reported neighboring New Jersey, which first adopted the measure, will end rationing on Tuesday, Gov. Chris Christie announced on Monday.

The plan alternatively allows cars with odd and even number license plates to fill up on a given day.

Buses, taxis and trucks are exempt. Bloomberg said only about a quarter of the city's gas stations were open when the policy started.