Fla woman dies months after she was set on fire

A Florida man is now facing murder charges after his wife died from an infection three months after he allegedly set her on fire, reports ABC News. 

Megan Kimbrough, 26, died Saturday afternoon after contracting an infection that antibiotics could not fight. Her husband, Joshua Kimbrough, 32, is now been charged with premeditated first-degree murder. Megan leaves behind two small children. 

Police say Joshua poured gasoline over Megan and set her on fire inside their Lakeland, Fla home then stopped her as she tried to run outside and extinguish the flames.

She suffered burns over 80 percent of her body and was not expected to live. 

CBS News reports that Megan underwent at least a dozen surgeries at Tampa General Hospital, and her family hoped to take her home with them to Washington State soon.

Megan's mother posted the following Facebook update Monday morning:

"Today is a good day! I feel Meg all around me, whispering do not be sad, God gave me a do over. I witnessed a miracle the last 3 months. I watched a young woman grow close to God. Meg was saved many years ago she knew God and God knew her and He loves her so much that He gave her 3 months to heal her heart and when it was complete, he took her home. On December 1 we will lay her earthly body to rest but she is already at peace. We will cry for our loss but rejoice for her victory! My dearest Meg, I will look for you at the gates of Heaven when our Lord calls me home, we will walk together and sing praises to the Lord as one." 

The NY Daily News reports that Joshua Kimbrough is being held a local county jail on charges of attempted first-degree murder, arson, and aggravated assault with a firearm, among others.

His parents, Rita and David Sanders, claim their son was high on heroin during the attack in August. 

Joshua allegedly went on a crime spree shortly after the assault, in which he stole a car at gunpoint, robbed a home and then used a stolen credit card at a local gas station. 

ABC reports that Joshua Kimbrough is expected back in court on December 12 for a pre-trial hearing.