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The BBC and the Language of Responsibility

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A scandal of historical proportions continues to rock the BBC.

The first explosions were over revelations that BBC celebrity Jimmy Savile had been sexually abusing children, many allegedly on BBC premises.

Internal accusations followed over the BBC killing an investigative story about Savile that was due to run prior to a TV extravaganza about the late TV host.

Now this weekend, George Entwistle, the director of the BBC resigned.

And Monday, there was widespread condemnation of Entwistle after it was learned he is walking away with a year's salary.

The new acting director general of the BBC, Tim Davie, has vowed to "get a grip" at the corporation following the resignation of Entwistle. Davie said he had set up a "clear line of command" in news.

The UK's National Audit Office says it would look at Entwistle's pay-off.

The World's Patrick Cox reports.

  • Acting director general Tim Davie: "My job now is to get a grip of the situation and take action" (Photo: BBC)

  • Acting Director General Tim Davie on Sky News (Photo: Screen Grab/Sky News)

  • BBC Acting Director General Tim Davie on Sky News (Photo: Screen Grab/Sky News)

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