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Waffle House CEO accused of sex abuse


Belgian waffles are seen near la Grande Place on February 19, 2008 in Brussels, Belgium.


Mark Renders

The CEO of family-friendly restaurant Waffle House is accused of making some not-so-family-friendly demands of a single mother who used to work for him. Atlanta Police are investigating allegations made by an Acworth woman that Joe W. Rogers Jr., the CEO, gave her an ultimatum: perform sexual acts for him or lose her job. A policeman said that the investigation is still open and no charges have been filed yet, The Marietta Daily Journal reported.

The attorney for Rogers denied the allegations, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported

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The police report quotes the woman as saying that Rogers tried to force her to have sex with him despite her objections.She said that he also touched her breasts, tried to remove her clothes, and insisted that she perform sex acts on him, the Associated Press reported. She finally resigned when her son secured a college scholarship.

"Rogers treated [victim] as subservient and required [victim] to perform these various sexual acts on him as a condition of her employment," the report says, according to ABC. "Rogers' conduct toward [victim] was outrageous and offensive and caused [victim] to suffer humiliation, fear, embarrassment and severe emotional distress."