South Korean students hold up oriments made with colored mud, at the 'Toilet and Bath Expo' on the sidelines of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association in Seoul, South Korea. Nov. 22, 2007.
Credit: Chung Sung-Jun

A South Korean mayor known as "Mr. Toilet" has left his city flush with pride, boasting "the world's first toilet theme park" in his honor, according to a Friday report from BBC News

Suwon's former mayor Sim Jae-Duck, popularly called Mr. Toilet for his celebration of all things digestive tractory, gave rise to a "toilet" revolution" in the town, said BBC, nodding to its "annual Golden Poop Arts Festival."

Sim was reportedly born in his mother's "loo," said BBC, giving rise to a lifelong love: his former home, now a museum, was constructed in the form of a toilet. Here's a video tour of the house from Metro:  

But Mr. Toilet's home was just one of many WC-related civic activities that left city residents grateful, said BBC.

As one Suwon citizen put it: "We just focus on eating everyday, we sometimes overlook the importance of the toilet."

(Not Bill Gates, pointed out Metro, referring to the Miscrosoft founder's Reinvent the Toilet competition.)

Indeed, it would appear that Suwon so values potty activities it openly endorses them to visitors. BBC said toilet attractions are proudly displayed on the town's website, even though, according to Belle News, the ruins of the Hwaseong Fortress, one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites, run throughout the city. 

Apparently, the town concluded ancient remains were already pretty much in the shitter. 

Watch the full BBC report here: 

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