Man dies under unknown circumstances at residence of Swedish Prime Minister


The Sagerska Palatset, the residence of the Swedish Prime Minister and his family in Stockholm.


Wikimedia Commons

A man has died inside the Stockholm residence of Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, apparently from gunshot wounds—and as no crime was committed, the incident appears to have either been a suicide or a deadly accident.

The Swedish Prime Minister and his family are safe, reported Reuters. 

Sweden's The Local paper reported Friday that the man had died, and that he appeared to have been a security guard with full clearance to be on the grounds. He was not a member of Parliament or the government, and appears to have been a security guard, according to Reuters.

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Police and emergency responders are currently on the grounds of the residence, and an investigation has begun. Three SWAT teams responded to initial reports of the incident, added the Local.

"We investigate this as a suicide or a work-related accident," said Towe Hagg, a police spokeswoman, to Sky News.

Sky News added that the Prime Minister appears to not have been at the residence during the time of the shooting.

Al Jazeera reports that the man involved did not die at the scene of the incident, but ultimately could not be saved by medical responders.

The Swedish prime minister's official residence is known as Sagerska Palatset and is located in central Stockholm.