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Twins named after Obama and Romney in Kenya


US President Barack Obama



Reuters reports on the growing trend in Kenya of young mothers naming their babies after President Barack Obama. But one young mother took an unusual approach to the Obama celebrations: shortly after her twins were born following the election, she named her first-born after Obama, calling him Barack, and her second-born twin after Obama's rival Mitt Romney. "I named the first twin Barack and the second one Mitt,"  Millicent Owuor told Reuters.

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Owuor posed for photographers with her babies, BBC News reported, and said that she had named her twins after the winning and losing candidates in order to commemorate the voting day. 

She told Kenya's Standard newspaper that she hopes to remember the elections for a long time.

She gave birth near the village where Obama's late father was born, so it should be no surprise that Obama was the more popular candidate in the area. According to Reuters, news of Obama's victory caused villagers in Kenya to erupt in cheers and chants of "Obama, Obama, Obama!" Poor baby Mitt.