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Genitals in wallet discovery gets South Africa man arrested


A woman's purse is seen amongst the rubble on March 21, 2011 in Motoyoshi, Japan.


Chris McGrath

Police say that they discovered a man in South Africa carrying genitals in his wallet. They believe that the parts had belonged to the man's 18-year-old nephew, who had gone missing four days ago, SAPA reported. Police have since discovered the missing boy's body parts.

"We found that the hands, the head and legs were cut off from the body and we then recovered the private parts in his wallet," Mzukisi Fatyela, police spokesman for the Eastern Cape Province, told AFP.

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Officials expect that the suspect will be charged with murder, BBC News reported. A motive for the mutilation and suspected murder is not known, but some wonder if it relates to the widespread witchdoctor killings that have plagued South Africa. Many people believe that body parts from albino people have special powers, and witchdoctors have killed albinos to sell their body parts as a result.