Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom at North Shore District Court on February 22, 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand.
Credit: Sandra Mu

Gabon has shut down Kim Dotcom’s latest domain intended to host his file sharing service just a few days after announcing the domain.

In yet another bizarre twist to the Dotcom internet opera, The Central African nation that is assigned the .ga domain shut down the site last Tuesday to prevent their domain from being used as a safe haven for file sharing and copyright violation.

"I have instructed my departments... to immediately suspend the site," said Gabon’s Communication Minister Blaise Louembe to AFP.

"Gabon cannot serve as a platform or screen for committing acts aimed at violating copyrights, nor be used by unscrupulous people," the minister added.

The minister’s announcement came just days after Dotcom unveiled plans to launch his new file sharing platform, Mega, on the one year anniversary of his arrest by authorities in New Zealand last January. 

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Dotcom registered the domain with Gabon Telecom, a subsidiary of the Vivendi Group. 

“The reach of the US & Vivendi: Gabon Minister announced domain will be suspended. Calls cloud storage site cyber crime,” tweeted Dotcom on Wednesday, blaming US authorities for the domains seizure and shut down. 

“Don’t worry. We have an alternative domain,” he added. “This just demonstrates the bad faith witch hunt the US government is on.”

Shortly after the domain was taken down, the URL began redirecting to the Twitter feed of an organization called Omega. Using a twitter account that was created on Wednesday, the group stated that they seized control of the domain. 

The groups ideological bent, unknown outside of their twitter account, is one that looks unfavorably upon Dotcom. The first tweet posted by the organization contained a quote from Art and Religion, a piece written by German philosopher Max Stirner.

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Some are calling Omega a group of hackers. But in a statement given to TorrentFreak, the organization identified themselves as “true anarchists”. 

“We’re pure in a diogenist way, we’re the true pirates, the true anarchists,” Omega told TorrentFreak, invoking the name of Greek cynic philosopher Diogenes of Sinope. 

“Kim Dotcom is only taking advantage of us all, he is a megalomaniac with lawyers here to take advantage of us all, the nobodies, the artists he wants to profit from,” read their statement to TorrentFreak.

The group claims to be in total control of Dotocom’s domain and is offering it up for sale to his enemies. 

“Of course we will entertain offers from @KimDotcom's enemies in the millions of dollars (or bitcoins) for the domain,” the Omega organization tweeted on Tuesday. 

The website belonging to the group of philosophizing hacker profiteers simply depicts the Greek letter Omega and no other text or information.

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