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Bird hoarder charged after police discover 478 birds in a home


An Illinois man was charged with hoarding nearly 500 birds in his small home.


Christopher Furlong

The "cat lady" has been joined by the "bird man" in the bizarre category of animal hoarders.

Animal hoarding charges have been filed against an Illinois man who kept 478 birds in his home that was apparently packed with garbage, droppings and mold.

The man, 57-year-old David Skeberdis, who is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 4, started collecting birds seven years ago, according to NBC Chicago.

He acknowledged to the news station that his habits got out of control.

Skeberdis claimed that it was good intentions gone wrong.

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He told NBC that he was a "slob" and that he was just trying to give the bird a better home - assuming birds like to be caged one atop another.

If Skeberdis is found guilty he could face six months in the county jail.

He could also face a fine of $1500, said CBS Chicago, along with an order to undergo psychiatric treatment.