Putin congratulates Obama on victory via telegram


In this photo provided by The White House, US President Barack Obama (L) talks with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at his dacha on July 07, 2009 in Moscow, Russia.


Pete Souza/The White House

Putin congratulated President Obama on his reelection via telegram Wednesday, while Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stuck to the slightly more informal communication tool of Twitter. 

“I know not from hearsay how exhaustive and intense the election campaign may be,” the Russian leader said in the telegram published on the Kremlin website Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reported

Obama has stressed that he wants to "reset" the United States' relations with Russia, which have been strained over the conflict in Syria, missile defenses, and other issues, Reuters reported. Yet despite tensions between Putin and Obama's administrations, Russia sees the President as the lesser of two evils, especially given Romney's designation of Russia as the United States' "top geopolitical foe" on the campaign trail. 

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“Putin noted the results reached in the past years in developing Russian-US relations and expressed hope for further constructive joint work both on bilateral agenda and on acute global and regional problems,” the Kremlin press service said in a statement, RIA Novosti reported

The Russian president also “stressed that cooperation between countries like Russia and the US is of key importance for stable and secure global development.”

The country's Prime Minister kept his response to Obama's reelection a bit shorter and sweeter, tweeting: 

"For us, he (Obama) is an understandable and predictable partner. That is the most important thing in politics," Medvedev said on a visit to Vietnam, Reuters reported. "I am happy that the president of a very big, very influential state is not a man who considers Russia to be its enemy number one. That is funny. It's some kind of paranoia."

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