Peshawar: Suicide bomb kills at least four


Pakistani police officials scan the site of a suicide bomb attack on the vehicle of senior investigator Hilal Haider, in Peshawar on Nov. 7, 2012. A suicide bomber blew himself up in Pakistan's northwestern city of Peshawar, killing at least 4 people including a senior police officer, officials said.


A. Majeed

A senior police officer was killed in a suicide blast Wednesday, along with 4 others, according to the Associated Press. At least 30 people were injured.

Police officer Asif Iqbal said, according to Voice of America, "that the bomber, apparently on foot, lobbed some six or seven kilograms of explosive at the vehicle of senior investigator Hilal Hyder, killing Hyder and several of his companions in a crowded market."

Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan said Hyder was killed for his part in an arrest of Taliban fighters.

"We killed him today in Peshawar because he was behind the arrest of some of our fighters," Ashan told the AP.

On Saturday, anti-Taliban politician Fateh Khan was killed in a suicide blast. Again, Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan claimed responsibility for the attack.

“Our mujahedeen killed him," he said, according to The New York Times. "We carried out this noble deed.” 

Ahsan added the Taliban would continue attacking politicians.

“We will target Awami National Party members in the future as well, wherever we find them,” he said. “There will be no mercy.”

The Awami National Party is secular and opposes the Taliban.

Reuters reports: