Robocalls from Republican Jeff Flake send Arizona Democrats to wrong polling place


U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) (C) answers questions from reporters after a vote on the Budget Control Act July 29, 2011 at the Capitol in Washington, DC.


Alex Wong

Are Republican candidates giving you much-needed information about where you can vote, even though you're a Democrat? OMG, that's so sweet! Just make sure to double-check the location with another source before you go to the wrong place and make a fool of yourself.

Republican US Senate candidate Jeff Flake came under fire on Monday for a round of automated phone calls sent to Democratic voters in Arizona. The calls provided voters with incorrect information about their polling sites, KPNX reported. Democrat Mary Crecco of Scottsdale told the station that she “freaked out” when she got the Flake robocall.“It was totally wrong, totally wrong, and I feel like it was done purposely."

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Democratic Party officials say that at least six Democrats got the Flake call with incorrect information, The Arizona Republic reported. William Solomon, an assistant US attorney in Phoenix, told The Republic that a request for an investigation had been received but that no decision about whether to investigate yet has been made.

Flake has defended himself and accused the KPNX team of shoddy journalism. “Had KPNX provided us with detailed information on their report prior to airing it, we could have informed them that the Democrat they interviewed received the call because, according the voting records, she had the same phone number as a Republican who lives in the precinct we provided information for,” Flake said in a statement to Talking Points Memo. “Again, this autodial was targeted to Republicans. Any Democrats who received the call (which in all likelihood was a small number) did so because of errant information in the database owing to circumstances like those detailed above.”