Marijuana initiatives crop up on 6 state ballots


A marijuana plant growing at Perennial Holistic Wellness Center, a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary in in Los Angeles, California.


David McNew

Initiatives to legalize the medicinal — and even recreational — use of marijuana have cropped up as major state ballot items in this year's general election.

Six state ballots include measures concerning marijuana, according to Bloomberg. Three of those states — Colorado, Oregon and Washington — are weighing whether to make marijuana legal for recreational use, which would be a first for the country.

Montana, Arkansas and Massachusetts initiatives would legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, which is already permitted in 17 states, Bloomberg reported. The drug's use would then be regulated by states and subject to taxation, the Associated Press reported.

The measures are projected to pass in Montana, Massachusetts, Colorado and Washington and to fail in Oregon and Arkansas, according to the Guardian.