NHL Lockout: Realtor and Amateur Goalie Sees Action in Toronto to Fill Shortage


Greg Partechenko protecting the goal. (Photo: Greg Partechenko Facebook)

For our Geo Quiz we take to the ice.

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With the National Hockey League in a labor dispute some locked out NHL players have gone overseas play, other have been getting together to practice. But a shortage of hockey goalies in Toronto has meant – some local amateur players have had to step up.

Greg Partchenko, a Toronto based realtor who plays hockey as a hobby, says he's excited to have a chance to play with the pros, "I just said 'hi how ya doing, I'm here to stop pucks for you.' So we went out on the ice and I couldn't believe how fast and hard these guys shoot."

Now for a quiz: We want you to name the home arena of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The venue has had to get creative to fill the slots usually taken by NHL hockey games.

Its lineup features little or no hockey, but plenty of entertainment from the likes of Aerosmith, and a holiday show called the Big Jingle.

So can you name this ice hockey-slash-entertainment complex that's named after Canada's largest airline?

The answer is the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario.

It's the sports arena where the Toronto Maple Leafs would be playing if there were a hockey season.

The National Hockey League season is on hold due to a money dispute between team owners and players.

In the meantime, the Toronto Star reports that Toronto Maple Leaf players are holding training sessions and practice workouts.

Problem is there aren't enough goalies around to cover all the practices.

So the NHL players have turned to part time hockey players even high school kids to fill in.

The World's Aaron Schachter speaks with Toronto Real Estate agent, Greg Partchenko, who's been filling in on goalie duties.